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All kinds of historical information about the Morgan cars both old and new, The Factory, competition, clubs and anything else you want to know.

Morgan History Info on Facebook


Facebook page devoted to Morgan events, models, races, etc with historic significance

Morgan Links


Below are some of our favorite sites for lovers of the Morgan automobile
as well as Morgan badge and regalia collectors.
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Morgan Motor Company


Official site for the Morgan marque. Also visit their Facebook page here. 



Extremely comprehensive Morgan site encompassing topics from Morgan car maintenance to Morgan movie trivia as well as many links of interest to Morgan fans.

Morgan Sports Car Club


Official page of the long standing UK club. Also see their Facebook page here -

Morgan Three Wheeler Club


The UK based club - up to date information on club activities can be found here.

Morgan Memorabilia Museum



The collection which is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as having the biggest collection of Morgan Regalia in the World! Be amazed by its contents! 















Claude Lauze is one of the bigger collectors from France. He has created a website, where he displays both the badges from his own collection and the missing ones

Photography by Günter Biener



Many automobile images can be found at this link, in addition to the wonderful Morgan photos featured on this site by this talented photographer.












Morgan's 3 Wheeler Site


Official site for the Morgan 3 Wheeler.  Also visit their Facebook page here. 

The most Morgan-oriented place to stay in Malvern!

Photo on  this page of the Northern Lights taken by Andy Garlick