Himalaya Morgan Club patch

Himalayan Morgan Club 

Larry Guzin, President of the Himalayan Morgan Club, issued a large patch of his own design, when residing in the Himalaya area, back in the 1980s. When Nepal and surrounding places were hit by a disastrous earthquake back in 2015, the design of the original patch was revived, revamped and issued as a badge, in order to support a charity in aid of the local people who were hit so hard in several respects.

Our In House designer, Tcherek Kamstra, made a lovely job of the badge.

Two series were issued, the original one having 60 copies, the second -slightly different in colours- 30 copies only.

These badges have been long sold out and - like the original patches- are valued collectors' items if and when one appears on the market.

Very soon two different copies will turn up for sale! If you would like one -or both- of them, please send a message through the Contact Us page.

Of course, if you want your own badge designed, for whichever purpose, you are more than welcome to contact us too!



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