Collector's items

On this page you will find the items you are not likely to find anywhere else easily. Whether it concerns low quantity produced badges, long out of stock items and items you have been searching for during your own collecting career.

Many rare items even won't make it to the website, as these are sold prior to arrival, at special prices to devoted collectors, who have left their wish list with us. Do you want to join their ranks? Take out a paid membership plan! With this you ensure yourself of timely information and attractive prices, also on stock items.

Water Lily

Beautiful news

It looks like 7 is our lucky number! After 7 years in business, a major collection is coming our way. This is a unique opportinity to purchase this long wanted badge(s) you are so desparate to find!

Many of these are NOT likely ever to appear on this site, so make sure you join us and get informed on a timely basis whether you desire can be fulfilled by pre-ordering!

Our regular stock of rarities: